Solution: Npower OTP Code Number Validation-error, validation failed

In my last article, I wrote on how to get Npower OTP Code but one thing I noticed is that a lot of applicants are now having issues with the Npower OTP code Number Validation, this post will seek to help you resolve some of these issues.

Like I have said ever since Npower released the list of successful applicants which was on the 23rd of April 2021 a lot of problems have been encountered by applicants while trying to complete their application online.

Having issues with Npower OTP Code Number Validation-error?

Most issues we have encountered include the following :

Are you having an error validation failure?

Unable to get your OTP Code?

Enable to upload my profile picture and ID card?

Request not completed?

Error! Opt validation fail” “Dismiss”

Npower OPT code problem resolved

Please note that this article will be an interactive one where anyone having issues with the OTP code can openly come up with such a problem while we help in any way we can to resolve it.

Please always keep your OTP Code save, don’t share it with anyone. Don’t display it on any online forum, social media, etc.

Please if you experience any of the problems listed above kindly comment let’s reply to you by helping you with the right information.

Do not pay money to anyone or a website, the Npower program is free of charge, always be on high alert.

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