Norland Registration Form 2024 | How to Join Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business

Norland Registration Form 2023 | How to Join Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business.

This Article contains the Norland Registration Form and also how to Join Norland Global Business, we will be focusing on what you need in order to Register in Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business.

But before we guide you on this, please know that there a lot of information you need to practically succeed in Norland Business.


– Pyramid Scheme
– Ponzi Scheme
– GRQS (Get Rich Quick Scheme)
– HYIP (High Yield Investment Profit)
– Without a Physical Health Product
– Without a Registered Trademark

To Continue with Norland Registration Form, understand that Norland Is no other thing than a health wellness, and wealth creation business that has taken an ordinary person to an extraordinary.

Very simple and lucrative never seen before in network industry in Africa as a whole with so many proves and testimonies of both any type of health challenges because if we don’t have what the public needs we won’t be achieving this great achievement.

The name of the business is Norland Industrial group of company Chinese/American base business that’s affecting people well in over 46countries in the world. It is just 3 years in Nigeria and has made thousands of millionaires already.

Call Ambassador Emmanuel Emenike on +2347066825192, you can also chat me up on Whatsapp let’s talk business.

Norland Registration Form

There is a lot of network marketing company scattered around the country most of these industries are built on the foundation of lies, having big names but a small portfolio. After five (5) years of knowing about Network Marketing and going into it, I have had many experiences with it with companies that have nothing to offer to their vendors, but Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business came my way when I told myself that I’m done with Networking, but I decided to give it a last try I sign up to Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business after three (3) months of registering I was giving a brand new SUV car as if that was not enough after 14 months in the business I owned seven (7) brand new SUV cars and a mansion, the most fun part of it that, I have a lot of people making a lot of money through me if a newspaper vendor can do this, you also can do it better.

Most people have the mentality that network marketing business is all about selling selling selling, but I pray that God should crash such mentality from those that have it, Multi-Level Marketing Business has a long way go than marketing products.

If you wish to have a company and become a boss of yourself and such dreams are hard to get and it seems not achievable, is high time you start using other people’s company to actualize such goals and dreams. You may ask questions like this:

  1. How many products do I have to be selling?
    πŸ€”πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€”
    Ans:Β  I AM A PARTNER NOT a marketer, I DON’T sell products.
    No compulsion so If you wish to sell it is your choice.
  2. How much would I be putting in the business monthly?

Ans: IT is a one-off investment that doesn’t require maintenance. No flushing of points. No auto-ship no target You work at your own pace.

  1. Are you trying to make money off me?
    Ans: No, I’m trying to make money WITH you.
  2. How much will I make?
    Ans: You determine your paycheque according to your work and commitment to your team.
    It is possible to overtake your upline hereH
  3. How long till I see results?
    Ans: When you decide to work it as a business and do so consistently you see results.
  4. How many people should I sell the business to?
    Ans:Β  How many coke cans do you think Coca-Cola has sold since 1892 and to how many people? Have they stopped?
  5. I’ve tried but I failed!
    Ans: Why didn’t you stop sending your CV when the first company didn’t hire you?
  6. My husband said NO it won’t work
    Ans: My sister ndu bu n’isi n’isi (ask your Ibo friends). Remember the prov 31 woman
  7. Β But I don’t know many people!
    Ans: Do you have a phone? Do you have a contact list there? Are you on Facebook, IG, Twitter, etc? Do you have friends and followers there?
    Use those people on your contact list, church members, old and current school/classmates, families and friends, and work colleagues.
  8. But I’m broke I don’t have money.
    Ans: That’s your ‘WHY’ right there. Do something so you stop being broke.
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MLM is the second biggest industry after soccer internationally!Β  An industry that allows for smart work and the power of leveraging to achieve your goals. It requires professionalism, focus, consistency, commitment, willingness to learn, unlearns, relearn, and earn!
You work and grow with others at your own pace!. Join NORLAND TODAY AND SMILE TOMORROW.

All you need to participate in this wonderful Norland multi-level marketing business is to sign up today and grow miraculously, I will show you how to grow faster in Norland multi-level marketing business, if you are ready am ever ready, I will personally coach you, showing you all strategize you need to grow and also impart it to others following you.


Norland international is a large multi-level marketing business.

It deals with health products, medical cosmetology products, e-commerce, and the direct selling industry.

Norland was founded in the year 2008.

Its influence has spread into many countries across the globe.

Its products are tagged, β€˜magical Chinese products’ Norland products are purely organic and natural, which makes them harmless to the human body.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Norland

Norland international has 5 basic entry-level, which are:

  • Senior Member level – 87,000

  • Bronze member level – 160,000

  • Silver member level – 350,000

  • Gold member level – 700,000

  • Diamond – 1,350,000 (currency in naira)

Norland Compensation Plan

Norland operates on a binary compensation plan.

It is very effective. Plus it is second to none in the network marketing business.

It is expected that at the end of each month, members in each layer will earn:

  • Senior member level – 2.4 million
  • Bronze member level – 4.8 million
  • Silver member level – 9.6 million
  • Gold member level – 19.2 million
  • Diamond member level – 38.4 million (currency in naira)

It also includes:

  • Incentives (cars, travels, gadgets)
  • Honorary bonus,
  • Sales commission
  • Leadership bonus.
  • Norland Pays you 5 times monthly.
  • Norland is the only Company that Partners with the U.S Govt in Regenerative Health care.
  • Norland pays you for buying it Product
  • Norland also Pays you for Selling its Product
  • Norland pays you for your effort.
  • Norland Pays you for other people effort
  • Norland is the only Network Marketing Company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

Call Ambassador Emmanuel Emenike on +2347066825192, you can also chat me up on WhatsApp let’s talk business.


To Continue with Norland Registration Form, you have to understand that Norland Registration has 6 Entry packages to choose from:

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  • Β N50,000 – Entry Member
  • N80,000 – Senior member
  • N160,000 – Bronze member
  • N350,000 – Silver member (Good package)
  • N700,000 – Gold member (Better package)
  • N1,350,000 – Diamond member (Best Package)

Choose your preferred package, make payment to the company’s account or the person’s bank account introducing the business to you, and then pick products of your choice worth the exact amount you paid, And you are automatically on board.

The stock of N50,000 is 70PVs
The stock of N80,000 is 140PVs
The stock of N160,000 is 280PVs
The stock of N350,000 is 560PVs
The stock of N700,000 is 1120PVs
Stock of N1,350,000 is 2240PVs

PVs mean Point Values. Every product has a point value attached to it, and the higher your PV, the higher your payout, and the better and faster the business grows!. its a business of PVs)


– Fast Start Bonus:
– Product Voucher Bonus:
These 2 shall be explained together:-

50% of your Pvs For example : if you’re a senior member (140 PVs), u get 50% X 140 = 70 (Multiplied by N400) = N28, 000.
Let me marvel you! The moment two people come into your binary (that’s one on your left and the other on your right) whether u signed them up or not, Norland pays you the complete 28k.
Now if you personally sponsored the two people, Norland pays you the 28k including a free Product Voucher worth 40k.
AπŸ‘€Β  πŸ‘€BΒ  = 28k.(+40k free products)
CπŸ‘€Β  πŸ‘€DΒ  = 28k.(+40k free products)

When you register someone that join as:
* Bronze you get 56k for a fast start-up bonus and free products worth 80k
* Silver you get 112k, free products worth 175k
* Gold you get 224k, free products worth 350k
* Diamond you get 448k, free products worth 675k


Leadership Bonus
Starts from the Silver member package & above.
*Silver – you get an 8% leadership bonus for your entire 1st generation. No matter the number.
*Gold – 8% from 1st generation and – 5% from 2nd generation.
Diamond – 8% from 1st generation – 5% from 2nd generation – 5% from 3rd generation.
E.g As a Silver member, if your 1st generation earns a bonus of 10m nairas, u are paid N800,000 monthly.

Maintenance Bonus
Now, this is a game-changer. For purchasing as little as 28pvs monthly, Norland pays you on a compressed system running through 12 (TWELVE) generations
1st 8% 7th 3%
2nd 7% 8th 4%
3rd 6% 9th 5%
4th 5% 10th 6%
5th 4% 11th 7%
6th 3% 12th 8%

Repurchase Payout Bonus
Now, let me blow your mind, yet again there’s an additional 20% entire group repurchase payout. Norland shares her profit with her members every time we repurchase.
Imagine the number of detergents, toothpaste, mouth wash, etc you and your family have been purchasing through the years, if those companies were to share their profit with you and your family members, can you bid how much it would’ve been by now? I guess NO.


Benefits Bonus
Norland sets aside 1.5% global income for your personal trip (not promo trip) and 1% global income for a status car (of your choice).
If you ask me, this is like being a shareholder in a multinational company having a certain percentage payout. It’s amazing.

Honorary Bonus
(Long term dividends and global dividends). Norland sets aside a substantial amount of money in the Honorary Bonus section of your back-office Ewallet for leaders reaching the rank of Gold, diamond and above. This is where you have house funds to the tune of 30million naira and above.



We Have The Following Incentives:

– International trips (2 to 3 per year) 2018 we have Dubai UAE & South Africa (already achieved), Hollyhood & China (already achieved), and 2019 Mauritius trip (already achieved), *All roads leads to Washington DC come October 2019

– Car Incentive (N4.8 million..80k Pvs, N6.4 million…110k Pvs & N13million worth Range Rover or cash equivalent @Β Gold Diamond Yearly.

– Medical Scholarships abroad for a period of 4-5 years + Automatic employment At graduation (for your Family members)

– House incentive (house worth N30m)* We speak with evidence.


Salary works are manageable but are very risky for the future, in life whatsoever you do, look at the life of people who have done that before if they achieve great things automatically you will still achieve the same but if their results aren’t good enough your own life is at risk residual income pays more than fixed salary.

Come let’s talk business and make the future bright if I can do it so as you, Join Norland and take your Norland career seriously….. The year 2021 must be a better year for u… Say no to FEAR, LAZINESS, PROCRASTINATION and enjoy a wealthy and healthy lifestyle with Norland

Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business is more than showing you videos and pictures, seeing is believing, you also can see for yourself as we proceed in knowing more about the business, visit Norland’s official portal


Address: No. 35 Opebi Ikeja, near Unity Bank Lagos Nigeria
* Company seminars on Mondays and Thursdays.
Strictly by Invitation*.

Register in Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business and Achieve a lot of successes, Call Ambassador Emmanuel Emenike on +2347066825192, you can also chat me up let’s talk business.

Past is an Experience, Present is Experiment and the Future is Expectation, So Use your Experience in your Experiment to make your Expectation come through.


How to Register with Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business

To Join or Register with Norland Multi-Level Marketing Business you must visit and follow the instruction and filling your details with your package.

Download Register Button Free Download HQ PNG Image | FreePNGImg

Call Ambassador Emmanuel Emenike on +2347066825192, you can also chat me up on WhatsApp let’s talk business.

NOTE: there a lot of people parading on Facebook to be the real Norland bonafide partners don’t fall to them else your money is gone, be very careful when dealing with such people.