How social media can help you land a job

How social media can help you land a job: Social media is increasingly vital to most people’s jobs, from creating new connections to selling products.

The following six ways that social media can help you with your job search are by no means an exhaustive list of ways social media can help professionals in their daily lives.

Make yourself visible

Graduates should apply for jobs through more than just the newspapers. They can use social media to make themselves visible to potential employers. One-third of employers use social media for screening candidates, so it could be worth making sure college students’ profiles are free of offensive material.

Websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Facebook can be great ways for high school students to get noticed by potential employers. Up to 33% of employers say they look at students’ profiles on these sites when making hiring decisions. So it’s important to clean up your social media presence before applying for jobs.

A LinkedIn profile can act as your online CV, giving you a professional platform to showcase your experience. Make sure that your information is up-to-date and matches the CV that you are sending out. LinkedIn focuses on work and achievements and is widely used by recruiters to source candidates. Other social media platforms can also be used, but it is important to be careful about what information you share on a public forum.


Job search

With more than 162 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has become the most popular site for professionals to connect with others for professional purposes. Ninety-four percent of recruiters use the site to research candidates’ profiles, much like Google’s use of search engine algorithms in its search results.

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Employers often post job opportunities on social media sites like Twitter. If you’re interested in a specific company, follow its social media accounts to be the first to learn about new jobs.

Manage your online persona

A CareerBuilder survey revealed that 60 percent of employers now use social networks to screen potential candidates. What a company can discover about you on social media could affect your job application. It is a good idea to check what comes up when you search for your name on Google!

Because the Internet is public, you must take care to manage your online persona. If you don’t want potential employers to see any of your social media accounts, make sure you change all privacy settings. Choose carefully how you will use each network, and remember quality over quantity. For example, one professional Google+ page that showcases your industry knowledge will be more worthwhile than half a dozen empty profile pages. Remember to take care with anything you post; spellcheck, be consistent, and be professional.



To find job vacancies, you can use online networking as an effective tool to connect with professionals in your field. If you are openly looking for a job, tell everyone in your social networks – you might be surprised how many people ask for your CV. LinkedIn recommendations are also a great way to add credibility to your online CV. Ask people who know you to write a recommendation; it could be from a teacher, employer or colleague.

Professional connections can be made through social media. Search for industry or profession-related pages and contribute to topical conversations to learn more about your interest area and make contacts with like-minded people. LinkedIn Groups and Google+ Hangouts can help you get a conversation started with other professionals in the field.

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When applying to a job, research the organization you are interested in by following its social media channels. This can provide insight into the company culture and how it communicates with customers.

For those who use social media, it can be a useful source for staying on top of developments in your specific industry. People frequently share their real-time observations on various subjects, and this information often proves quite helpful in interviews or when trying to gauge an industry’s overall direction.


Understand social media

Many organizations are using social media to communicate with their stakeholders. Social media is no longer just a marketing tool; departments across each business are using it to improve their processes. Organizations that market themselves effectively on social channels will appeal to job candidates who know how to navigate these tools.

Although managing your own personal profile may seem like a simple task, understanding how businesses use social media and the value it adds to an organization are critical skills.