Effective Tips for Conducting Online Interview

Effective tips for conducting an online interview..

We live in a digital age. Due to the pervasiveness of digital communications, many of us can now work with colleagues located far from our physical offices.

In today’s business environment, it is more common to conduct face-to-face meetings through technological services such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and GoToMeeting.

Interviews are no exception.

Conducting an online interview requires different skills from conducting a traditional, face-to-face interview.

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on five ways to improve your online interviewing skills.

Properly Schedule the Interview

When planning for an online job interview, many men make the mistake of not rehearsing their answers before the big day.

I hear stories of prospective employees missing a critical interview due to a mix-up in time zones, but I don’t understand how they make that mistake.

Guys this is an easy one to fix by following this approach:

  • Use an Online Scheduler –I use the Web app Schedule Once to schedule meetings. It takes into account time zone differences when scheduling meetings.
  • Use Google Calendar – A free tool that you should take advantage of. Google calendar also calculates time zones and offers many customization options.
  • Manually Check Your Calendar – You should check your calendar periodically to ensure meetings are scheduled at the proper times. Make sure you do this especially if interviews are involved because they can be very important.
  • Batch Up Your Meetings –I find that online meetings are more productive when they take place on a single day each week instead of being spread throughout the week.
  • Format of Online Interview –Finally, make sure you know if your podcast will be audio-only or if you’ll also film short video clips to go along with the audio. No one wants to see someone in their pajamas during a video chat!
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 Check Your Hardware & Software

When you discover that the software you need to run an online meeting will not run on your computer, this may be due to the fact that your computer does not have adequate resources.

To ensure the smooth running of the meeting, make sure the computer has sufficient RAM and computational speed. Test it out a few days before to be sure.

If you are operating an older computer, it is recommended that you close any unneeded programs to increase the number of resources available for your active programs.

Last but not least, you need to make sure you have a high-quality microphone. Don’t use the one that comes with your computer since it’s of poor quality and could give you problems when recording.

 Understand Your Connection Speed

When preparing for an online interview, most men are concerned with the download speed of their internet connection; many people neglect to consider the upload speed.

Upload speed is important for video chat systems, as it is the signal sent by the host computer to the client during an online meeting. A slow upload speed can make pixels appear on the screen or can lower the quality of audio, resulting in a communication mishap.

To avoid slow internet speeds, it is important to know your neighborhood’s peak hours of connectivity. If an important interview is coming up and you are concerned about internet connectivity, you can use a cellular device (such as a smartphone) as a backup.

 Control the Situation

Prepare for an interview by writing down your qualifications, and take control of the things that you can control during the interview.

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This may result in a variety of problems: children running around, the dog barking, and so on. If you plan to have an event at your location and notify the telephone company of this well in advance, you may be able to avoid this.

When preparing for a trip, it is wise to consider any potential problems beforehand in order to avoid encountering obstacles.

 No Multitasking during the Interview

There is no such thing as multitasking. You should focus your effort on the task at hand, whether you are conducting a job interview or being interviewed.

You should turn your phone off and not type away in an attempt to rush a response to an email while you are in an interview. I am sure the person on the other end will notice if you do.

When working in an interview setting, it is important to show your respect for the interviewer by giving him or her your full attention and having the ability to respond to questions accurately.

 Practice for the Interview

A successful online interview has four keys: communication skills, technical skills, preparation and professionalism. The most popular tools for these interviews are Skype and Google Hangouts. Practice with these tools regularly to familiarize yourself with their basic functions.

Learn to use the system’s interface and become familiar with each option. It’s always a good idea to gain control of the situation.

Dress Sharp for the Interview

When you get dressed in the morning, you should take a few extra minutes to make sure you look your best even if you are flying solo.

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Your clothes are a silent representation of who you are. When you dress professionally, you demonstrate your attention to detail, which will earn the respect of your colleagues and increase their confidence in your abilities.