Nigerian Customs Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form Portal | Requirements needed for Nigerian Customs Jobs

Nigeria Customs Recruitment 2023 | It’s official; the Nigerian Customs Recruitment form is now online at As a result, we advise anyone interested in applying for the NCS Recruitment 2023 to do so at In addition, see the information and guidelines for recruitment below.

The Nigerian Customs reconfirm that there is no application fee for the Nigerian Customs recruitment form in 2023. Therefore, do not pay money to anyone, group, or agency that offers to give you a position in customs since they are all fake and never serve the interests of the Nigerian Customs Service.

You can complete the simple application procedure for the Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2023 in the convenience of your home with just a computer and an internet connection. Below is how to go about the application.

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Is the Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment form out?

The first step in applying for the Nigeria Customs Service Recruiting 2023/2023 is to be aware of the official recruitment portal of Nigerian Customs. This can help you avoid the costly mistake of applying to the wrong website.

The official Nigerian Customs Service recruitment website is located at or Anyone who wants to apply for an NCS position can visit the website.

We’ll lead you through every step of the recruiting procedure, from applying to completing the Nigeria Customs Service application form.

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You must meet requirements to show that you are qualified and ready to go through the hiring process, but you may apply for any job anywhere. For this post, applicants are welcome from all 36 states. These are the requirements.

Requirements needed for Nigerian Customs in 2023?

Any applicant must fulfil the following requirements for the position with Customs:

Nigerian citizenship through birth

Height is 1.70 meters for men and 1.64 meters for women.

Males must have a chest circumference that, when expanded, measures at least 0.87 meters.

Be determined to be physically and psychologically capable of enlisting in the Service by a government medical official.

Not suffer from any mental or physical problems.

Have good moral behaviour and no past criminal convictions.

Bring a certificate from your state of origin signed by the head or secretary of your local government. Certificates issued by a liaison officer are not recognized.

After completing these procedures, users should go to the portal and fill out the form. See the section below that for instructions.

Keep in mind to carefully scan and upload every credential you request. Read every instruction on the website in its entirety.

Only some applications will be accepted, so verify your submissions carefully to avoid being penalized.

During the first week of January, Nigerian customs would probably close the portal. You will provide more information regarding the deadline to you.

About Nigeria Customs Service

When the Nigeria Customs Service was founded in 1891, it carried out anti-smuggling operations, tax collection, and accounting tasks. Because Customs is at the heart of the world’s supply chain for goods and services, it is uniquely positioned to recognize the significance of trade facilitation as a critical element of economic policy.

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The hiring procedure for new police constables for the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is set to start. However, anyone wishing to apply for a position with the NCS in 2023 should know that applications can only be made through the site.

On the website, the Nigeria Customs has unambiguously stated that recruitment for the agency is open and candidates are not required to pay anything to apply. This means that, as long as you have the necessary credentials, you should be eligible to participate in the recruitment process.

How to Apply for the Nigerian Customs Service Recruitment in 2023

To submit your application and follow the instructions, go to

The official Nigerian customs recruitment website is located at

Click the Filter to choose the desired cadre or level.

Please be advised that there is no cost associated with applying for a position with the Nigerian Customs Service. Therefore, pay no attention to anyone who claims this.

If you need more recent information about Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2023, kindly leave a comment below.