NPF Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form, Registration Portal

This is the NPF Recruitment 2023 Application Form and we have put many resources to be able to come up with this comprehensive guide on how to apply and get enlisted in the Nigeria police force recruitment exercise. I implore you to read this guide from A to Z because articles like this police recruitment form hardly come in handy.

Nigeria Police Constable Recruitment 2021/2022 NPF Form is Out | Apply Now - recruitment & educational services

Once again I will like to make it clear that this article will give you a clear guide on how to go about the Nigeria police recruitment exercise, how to get the NPF recruitment 2023, and how to fill this form.

NPF Recruitment 2023 Application Form

The Nigeria Police is inviting suitable and qualified candidates for enlistment into the Nigerian police force as Police Constables (Recruits). This invitation is open to both males and females who are Nigeria citizens.

Working with the Nigerian police force will guarantee you job security which means you are off the labor market for life. Please do not miss this golden opportunity as time waits for no man.

Entry into the Nigeria police has taken a different dimension as candidates are now required to take jamb exams not only that they must pass through a compulsory mental health test, HIV and pregnancy test for the women

The Nigeria Police is now on its mission to bridge its manpower shortages hence carrying out massive Recruitment on yearly basis. You Might ask what are the total number of applicants that will the Nigeria police recruit in total. We have stated it before that the police inspector general of Police has made it clear that the commission will recruit well-qualified candidates numbering about 280,000 new recruits into various positions in the Nigeria police force.

The Nigeria Police will achieve this goal by consistently recruiting about 31,000 recruits on yearly basis. Do you now see why you must not joke with this year’s recruitment exercise? Please take it very seriously as this might be the golden opportunity you need to change your fortune once and for all and remain financially independent for life.

You might even ask if payment/salaries are for life? You are mandated by law to serve for good 35 years in active service and by the same law, all retired policemen are entitled to receive what they called Pension from the police board. This Pension will go a long way to help them much much later in life even at old age. Do you see what you need for this Federal government job urgently? You must thank us graciously after going through this guide.

All information you need about the NPF recruitment form is now available for free here, all you have to do is just sit down and use just five minutes of your time to read all that I have put down together.

The police service commission remains the only body vested with the sole authority to Carry out any recruitment exercise, because of the frequent cases of fraud associated with police recruitment the police service commission have now chosen this website/portal ( or as the only recognized and official website for recruitment purposes.

What does this mean? It means if you are applying for Police Constable recruitment, Cadet Inspector recruitment, and Cadet Assistant Superintendent recruitment, all applicants must be carried out online, please be advised that on no occasion must you submit your application to anyone manually, be it soft or hard copies please don’t do that or else you get scammed by unscrupulous elements within and outside the force who are looking for innocent victims to fall into their trap.

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The Nigeria Police is generally responsible for the maintenance of internal security, they are usually seen as a unit responsible for the enforcement of laws and orders in Nigeria.


Nigeria Police Recruitment

Nigeria Police Screening Date

Nigerian Police Salary Structure 

Nigerian Police Salary Structure

Nigeria Police Shortlisted candidates List

Nigerian Police Aptitude Test/Screening Date

Each year the NPF carries out a regular recruitment exercise once a year through the Nigerian police service commission, this is to ensure an adequate supply of people that will not only help to maintain internal security but to checkmate crime in the country.

What are the Requirements for NPF Recruitment 2023 – NPF Application general requirements?

You might have asked what are the criteria that must be met before one can be enlisted into the Nigerian police force for the 2023/2023 Recruitment edition.

Well, all candidates who seek to be enlisted into the Nigerian police force must fulfill all the requirements list below :

  • Candidates must be a Nigerian citizen
  • Candidates must be a Nigerian citizen
  • Nigeria police recruitment requirement
  • Male applicant should not be less than 1.67 meters, while female applicant 1.64
  • Applicants must be free from all forms of deformity such as bow legs, flat feet, deformed eyes sight, hands or legs, and a speech impediment.
  • All applicants must pass all forms of medical Excercise that will be conducted at the requirements venue.
  • Candidates must not have any criminal records.
  • Candidates must be free from debt
  • Female applicants should not be pregnant.

NPF Recruitment Age Requirement 2023

To join the Nigeria police you must be between a certain age bracket and you must be physically fit. You don’t expect the Nigerian police to recruit candidates of about 50 years of age. find out the actual age requirement the Nigeria police want by clicking here

NPF Educational Recruitment requirements

Police Constable

Academic qualification:

  1. “O” level certificate with at least five credits level passes including English and Mathematics.

Cadet Inspector of Police

Academic qualification:

  1. Advanced Level (A level), Ordinary National Diploma (OND), National Certificate in Education (NCE)
  2. “O” level certificate with at least five credits level passes including English and Mathematics.

Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police

Academic qualification:

  1. Either Higher National Diploma (HND) or Bachelor Degree
  2. National Youth Service Corps certificate

Meaning of Constables, cadets inspectors, and Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police.

We are going to explain the meaning and how much they earn in this section. But please note that there are more ranks in between each rank but we won’t go into more details as I will be creating another article to cover that section.

Meaning of Police Constables: many people don’t know the meaning of Police Constable, well police Constable means the police officer that belongs to the lowest rank. In fact, if you want to get recruited into the NPF through the Constable what you need is your O level results.

  1. Monthly Salary – N9,019.42
  2. Annual Salary – N108,233
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  1. Monthly Salary-N62,204.88
  2. Annual Salary -N746,458.56

Meaning of Cadet Inspector of Police: A cadet Inspector is the lowest rank held by a police officer after undergoing training of service as a commissioned officer. It is commonly known as Inspector of Police (IP). Their monthly salary is between Salary – N73,231.51
Annual Salary – N878,778.12

Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police: It is the second-lowest senior officer rank. It is above inspector and below superintendent.

  1. Monthly Salary-N127,604.68
  2. Annual Salary – N1,531,256.16


  1. Monthly Salary -N170,399.69
  2. Annual Salary -N2,044,796.28

things that can make your application get rejected -NPF recruitment form 2023

Here I talk about the reasons why some candidates/applicants get rejected in the Nigeria Police Force Recruitment click here to read so as to avoid such.

How to Apply for NPF Recruitment 2023?

This is how the Nigeria police recruitment form looks like

  • Select your preferred cadre
  • Please note that you are to enter your names correctly
  • Enter your date of birth correctly
  • Select yes you are physically fit in the box provided
  • Enter your height
  • Enter your gender.

Applicants are to get a functional email address and telephone number and upon meeting all the requirements listed above are to log on to or and fill the application form. Note: Multiple registrations will automatically disqualify you.

Applicants are expected to provide a guarantor from the listed set of people

  1. Traditional rulers,
  2. Magistrates,
  3. Local government chairmen,
  4. Heads of educational institutions attended,
  5. Civil servants of a rank not below Grade Level 12,
  6. Police officers not below the rank of Chief Superintendent
  7. Military officers not below the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

Unable to get the NPF Recruitment Confirmation Mail?

As the NPF recruitment exercise begins, a lot of applicants will face multiple problems and here I identified one such problem and have successfully addressed it.

If you are having a problem getting the confirmation mail as you struggle to register please click here now to resolve that

List of documents you need for the NPF Recruitment Exercise

Guarantors Form Need for application :

Please note that you must download a form formally called the guarantor form which you must take to people or citizens of Nigerians that are not of questionable characters to help you to fill. Please note that it must sign by any of the following persons I will list below:

  • Traditional Rulers,
  • Magistrate,
  • Local Government Chairman,
  • Heads of Educational Institutions attended,
  • Career Civil Servant not below the rank of Grade Level 12,
  • Police Officer not below the rank of CSP, or Military Officer not below the rank of Lieutenant colonel

Giving this form to the wrong person might jeopardize your struggle and recruitment process, please always abide by the rules and regulations as specified on the Nigeria police recruitment portal. Although if you read below we will list other documents you will need and how to go about getting this document and putting them in place.


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Drivers license for police recruitment

Another document you will be needing is a valid means of identification such as a driving license. Please note that you can always get a driver’s license at the nearest motor licensing office nearest to you or a nearby state. Please note that this license is usually issued by federal road safety officials on behalf of the Federal government of Nigeria.

Scanned copies of your academic credentials

You will be needing all photocopies of your academic credentials such as WAEC, NECO, and Degrees while filling out the details on the Nigeria police recruitment form. Please make as many photocopies as you can.

Scanned copy of your birth certificate

This will prove that you are actually born in a particular year you claim while filling your forms on the Nigeria police recruitment form. On no account will the Nigeria police will recruit candidates that are above the age limit. If you have lost your birth certificate please run to the nearest court and sign an affidavit which is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court.

Age Declared Affidavit Court

Special attention: when filling your Nigeria police recruitment form application online you will need a functional email address, I will advise you to make use of Gmail as this is the most popular email that never fails.

Should in case you are filling your Nigeria police recruitment form in a public system such as a cyber cafe always ensure that once you are done, you sign out immediately. The same thing should apply when you want to continue your application always make sure that others that did before you are signed out.

Always remember your password better put it down for easy reference. Once again put down your email address never forget all these tips I have listed above.

How to check the NPF Recruitment Successful Candidates List

For those who sat for the Nigeria police force recruitment examination, I have written a comprehensive guide on how to check if you are successful and the next step to take at Nigeria police list of successful candidates

NPF Recruitment Physical Verification and Screening Exercise

The Nigeria Police force recruitment will invite all applicants to a screening venue across the country, this is where you will be checked properly to see if what you fill online is true. Click here to read more about the Nigeria police physical verification exercise

Nigeria police recruit to sit for jamb – NPF Recruitment form 2023

Nigeria police recruitment examination /jamb

For the first time in a decade, the Nigeria police force will subject it, candidates to sit for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board JAMB exam, this was introduced to increase transparency in the board find out more about the Nigeria police /jamb examination here

If you have any questions to ask about the Nigerian police force recruitment exercise please contact us through any of our official handles.