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The following are some of the most frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I apply for a position in NDDC Recruitment 2023?
  2. Where can I get a copy of the NDDC Recruitment Form 2023?
  3. Is the NDDC Recruitment 2023 form 2023 available?
  4. When will the recruitment process for NDDC Recruitment 2023 begin?
  5. When is the deadline for the NDDC Recruitment?
  6. What are the criteria for the NDDC Application Form?.

We will do our utmost to address the majority, if not all, of the above concerns. However, we must stress that this is not the official NDDC website.

Is the NDDC Recruitment Form 2023 available?

Are you interested in knowing whether the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC is currently hiring? If so, learn how to apply for NDDC Recruitment 2023 in Nigeria for 2023/2024.

There are numerous job opportunities available that match your educational background. If you have a high school diploma or a university degree, you can go to the NDDC career portal right now to apply for the current openings.

This update is intended to assist candidates who are interested in participating in the NDDC 2023 Recruitment Exercise. Below you can find the NDDC Recruitment 2023 site, as well as information on how to apply for Niger Delta Development Commission jobs, as well as other NDDC Recruitment 2023 news.

It is necessary to remember that the application form for the NDDC Recruitment is FREE and only needs to be submitted ONCE.

Before I address the application process, I will include a brief overview of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) functions for those who are unfamiliar with them.

Working with NDDC has its advantages.

Working for the Niger Delta Development Commission has a number of advantages, including a pleasant work climate, competitive compensation, and teamwork and cooperation.

In reality, NDDC workers are eligible for a variety of benefits from the federal government, including pensioners’ compensation and other appreciation benefits. Working with Niger Delta Development Commission will also introduce you to a range of training opportunities that will help you improve your personal and skill abilities. If you work for the NDDC, you will have the ability to explore and be noticed by your colleagues.

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Responsibility of the NDDC

To provide a long-term solution to the Niger Delta Region’s socio-economic problems and to promote the Niger Delta’s rapid and sustainable growth into an economically prosperous, socially secure, ecologically regenerative, and politically peaceful region.


Many attempts and proposals have been made in the past to improve the lives of the people of Nigeria’s Niger Delta region. Regrettably, each project ended with very little to show for the time and money invested. As a result, it’s understandable that the citizens of the Niger Delta are currently disillusioned with “plans.” Despite the people’s dissatisfaction, it must be stated that the Niger Delta Master Plan is unique in its aims, focus, and approach, and will not follow in the footsteps of the others.

The Master Plan is imagined as a mechanism that the Niger Delta Region’s millions of citizens will use to realize their shared vision and develop their future to the expectations they desire. The Master Plan is structured to enable stakeholders at all levels (individual, organization, and community) to fully engage in the planning and decision-making process. In particular, the coordinating consultants need stakeholder ideas and views as a basis for identifying development focus areas and creating a vibrant image of what the people want the Niger Delta region to look like. This means that the input of stakeholders today will decide the state of affairs in the area tomorrow (for both individuals and communities).

In the Master Plan, for which satellite mapping and resource allocation had been completed, The following areas are required to be covered by the consultants:

  1. Data on the population
  2.  Hydrology and the climate
  3. Agriculture and aquaculture are also significant (with a focus on economic activities)
  4. Biodiversity
  5.  Transportation (infrastructure)
  6. Housing, rural, metropolitan, and regional planning
  7. Growth of the Society
  8. Capacity building and governance
  9. Physical well-being
  10. Small and medium-sized businesses
  11. Availability of water
  12. Vitality (electricity)
  13. Telecommunications number thirteen.
  14. Technical education (with a focus on employment generation)
  15. Sanitation and waste management
  16. Business on a wide scale
  17. Minerals that are solid
  18. Travel and tourism
  19. Assistance to the poor
  20. Arts, Athletics, and Culture,
  21. Jobs of women and youth
  22. Conflict avoidance
  23. Access to financial instruments and resources
  24. Promotion of Investment.
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NDDC Recruitment Specifications

  1.  Administrative Assistant ii (SGL 04)
  • Applicants must have a minimum of four (4) credits in the West African School Certificate (WASC) / Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSC) / General Certificate Of Education (O/L) in one sitting or five (5) credits at two sittings in the West African School Certificate (WASC) / Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSC) / General Certificate Of Education (O/L).
  •  Must know how to use a computer.
  1. Assistant for Internal Security (SGL 04)
  • Applicants must have a minimum of four (4) credits in the West African School Certificate (WASC) / Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSC) / General Certificate Of Education (O/L) at one sitting or five (5) credits in two sittings in the West African School Certificate (WASC) / Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSC) / General Certificate Of Education (O/L).
  • Programming skills are needed.

Additional Requirement for NDDC Recruitment 2023

  • Candidates must be under the age of 30 to be eligible for these vacancies.
  • Candidates who are familiar with the Niger Delta terrain will be given priority.
  • Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for the positions on the NDDC website, www.NDDC.gov.ng.
  • For those applying for the position of Security Assistant, having previous security experience would be helpful.
  • Candidates must upload their curriculum vitae and certificates.
  • An online qualifying test will be expected of all applicants.

NDDC Recruitment 2023: How to Apply

Skilled applicants are encouraged to apply for the positions on the NDDC website.

Visit https://www.nddc.gov.ng to access the Niger Delta Development Commission login portal. Follow the directions on the official website of the NDDC. Fill out the application form and send it in. To improve your chances of being hired, make sure to scan and upload all necessary documents and correctly fill out your personal information.

When will the NDDC start hiring?

The NDDC has not begun recruiting as of yet. Registration for the application portal is not yet available. But don’t be discouraged; the process will soon begin. Keep an eye on this page because it will be updated as soon as the NDDC Recruitment 2023 process starts. Continue reading to learn how to keep up to date on NDDC work openings.

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Concerning NDDC 2023

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) was founded in 2000 with the aim of facilitating the Niger Delta’s rapid, even, and sustainable development into an area that is economically prosperous, socially secure, ecologically regenerative, and politically peaceful.

The NDDC’s mandate is as follows:

Policy and guidelines for the development of the Niger Delta region are being established.
Conception, preparation, and implementation of projects and programs for the sustainable development of the Niger Delta region in the fields of transportation, including highways, jetties, and waterways, health, employment, industrialization, agriculture and fisheries, housing and urban development, water supply, energy, and telecommunications, in compliance with existing rules and regulations.
Surveying the Niger Delta to decide the steps that must be taken to facilitate its physical and socioeconomic growth.
Preparing master plans and schemes to facilitate the physical growth of the Niger Delta region and the estimation of the Commission’s member states.
Implementation of all initiatives approved by the Federal Government and the Commission for the creation of the Niger Delta region.

In addition:

Identifying barriers to the Niger Delta region’s growth and assisting member states in the formulation and implementation of policies to ensure sound and productive management of the region’s capital. Assessing and reporting on any project funded or carried out in the region by oil and gas companies or other companies, including non-governmental organizations, as well as ensuring that funds released for such projects are used properly.
Taking on ecological and environmental issues that emerge from oil mineral exploration in the Niger Delta region, as well as advising the Federal Government and member states on the prevention and control of oil spills, gas flaring, and pollution.
Liaising with various oil, gas, and mineral prospecting and development firms on all emission prevention and control issues.
Executing such other works and performing such other functions as the Commission deems essential for the Niger Delta region’s and people’s long-term growth.