Portal.npower.gov.ng – Latest Npower Nigeria Recruitment News www.npower.gov.ng

Portal.npower.gov.ng – Latest Npower Nigeria Recruitment News www.npower.gov.ng.– As the number of people applying for Npower Recruitment in Nigeria is at its peak, the website for the registration npower.ng.org has received much traffic which led to its crash on the very first day of the registration. The website received about 400,000 applications on the first day of the registration.

Owning to this development and to make sure that all interested persons applied for the N power Recruitment, the administrators decided to change the application URL of the website from www.npower.ng.org to portal.npower.gov.ng/en, and henceforth, interested persons in the Npower program are to proceed to the new Npower website to register and submit their application.

Below are the new N Power Recruitment websites

npower.fmhds.gov.ng portal login 

npvn.npower.gov.ng/login-my-profile » login to your Npower account

After creating an account, you will have to follow the second website to log in and submit your application from the category you wish to apply for.

Many people have been complaining that they cannot access the website for the Npower Recruitment application since the day it started. Here is good news to such people; you can now apply successfully for Npower Recruitment through the new website link that is given above.

Npower Recruitment application requirements

It’s true that up to 600,000 applicants will be shortlisted to proceed to train. In that same sense, for you to make it among that 600,000 applicants, you must have to follow instructions carefully not to make any mistakes because many people are applying and if you make any mistake, you will be disqualified.

APPLY:  Npower final list of successful applicants and candidates 2023: (npvn.npower.gov.ng) You can check your name on Npower Portal check.npvn.ng

Npower Nigeria said the age range that can apply is from 18 – 35 years why will you waste your time applying if you are above 35 years or below 18 years?

Some categories like Npower teacher corps – 500,000 teachers recruitment application is only for university graduates with their NYSC call-up number. If you don’t have one, don’t waste your time applying. portal.npower.ng.org/login